Real-Time Fiber-Level Cloth Rendering

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Kui Wu

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Cem Yuksel

Associate Professor, School of Computing, University of Utah

Field of Study: CS , Published 26 Projects

Graphics AI CS SIGGRAPH 2020

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Modeling cloth with fiber-level geometry can produce highly realistic details. However, rendering fiber-level cloth models not only has a high memory cost but it also has a high computation cost even for offline rendering applications. In this paper we present a real-time fiber-level cloth rendering method for current GPUs. Our method procedurally generates fiber-level geometric details on-the-fly using yarn-level control points for minimizing the data transfer to the GPU. We also reduce the rasterization operations by collectively representing the fibers near the center of each ply that form the yarn structure. Moreover, we employ a level-of-detail strategy to minimize or completely eliminate the generation of fiber-level geometry that would have little or no impact on the final rendered image. Furthermore, we introduce a simple yarn-level ambient occlusion approximation and self-shadow computation method that allows lighting with self-shadows using relatively low-resolution shadow maps. We demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach by comparing our simplified fiber geometry to procedurally generated references and display knitwear containing more than a hundred million individual fiber curves at real-time frame rates with shadows and ambient occlusion.

An example yarn model with our core fibers and regular fibers, and the comparison of our full model to a reference model generated offline

Shadow components: A glove model showing the three shadow components: shadow map, self-shadows, and ambient occlusion